Alaska Print Brokers

Alaska Print Brokers prints books for its parent company Todd Communications, which has published more than 500 Alaska books, calendars, maps, note cards and posters as well as providing these services to publishers throughout the western United States and individuals who wish to self-publish.

Our knowledge of book printers and binderies allows us to provide each customer the best combination of quality, price and delivery time. We deal with printers from Alaska, the Lower 48, Korea, Thailand and China. We are always exploring the world for new, higher quality and more competitively priced printers – many in specialty areas such as playing cards, pop-up books, board books and comb-bound cookbooks.

Todd Communications holds a U.S. Customs bond for entering books into the U.S. at the most competitive rates and has expertise in shipping printed materials from New York to Barrow, Alaska at the best possible rates. We frequently ship full container loads of print materials from the Lower 48 and Asia through the port of Seattle, which enables us to obtain better freight rates than those shipping smaller quantities.

The company bids printing projects based on job specifications for three or more quantities so the customer is able to see how much the unit price is decreasing as the print quantity increases.

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