Wholesale Distribution

Todd Communications is Alaska’s largest statewide wholesale book distributor. We maintain warehouses and sales staff for same day delivery in Anchorage, Juneau and Fairbanks. We sell to hundreds of customers throughout the state – virtually every wholesale book customer in Alaska. We also sell almost every map, atlas and Milepost found in gas stations throughout the 49th state. We are happy to serve remote locations.
We supply Alaskan books to the Ingram Co., the largest book wholesaler in the U.S. Because Ingram is Amazon.com’s principle supplier of books, all books sold to Ingram appear on the Amazon.com web site.
Todd Communications offers Alaska companies and individuals one stop shopping for all services needed to take a book from the author, photographer or fine artist’s hands at completion to bookstore shelves. We provide designing, editing, publishing and print brokering services on an ad hoc basis so customers may pick and choose among its services as they wish.
The company charges publishers and self-publishers 35% of its income from the wholesale sale of books, calendars, maps, note cards, posters and other printed materials.

Wholesale Catalog

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Our Sales Team
Anchorage Kyle Forbush
VP Sales
(907) 929-5508
E-mail Kyle
Don Rabb
Sales Rep.
(907) 929-5509
E-mail Don
Jason Crandall
Sales Rep.
(907) 929-5511
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Fairbanks Joe Kennedy
Sales Rep.
(907) 457-1226
E-mail Joe
Juneau Tami Burgett
Sales Rep.
(907) 586-8633
E-mail Tami